The Crossing

Whoa!  We made it!  Max was ‘such’ the trooper, he completely leapt into the adventure–I was ecstatic he did so well. Shockingly, he was probably the most calm of the 16 dogs and 4 cats 🙂 in the kennel. Me? … well I’m here and slept last night like I haven’t in a year.

With almost zero functioning technology, and that includes the cell phone, I captured only a few photos/video clips with the phone, and only a few more with the Holga (film-to develop later).


The time on the ship was pretty much spent between the buffet (2 desserts a day?  really?) and the 4 visits to the kennels each day. We lost an hour at noon 5 of the 7 days as we advanced into GMT time zone, so it mostly worked out to about 2 hours between visits. I explored and walked the ship, chatted and met wonderful people, but I think I may remain a happy landlubber; the ground beneath me still seems to move and I’ve been off the ship almost 48 hours. The Atlantic? She is a mighty force.

The unending details and stress of the last year was immense but the landing was sweet and gentle.  There wasn’t even customs to go  through or Defra (Governmental oversight regarding animal entry) on this end–it was all in the months preparation prior to boarding the ship, embarking the ship and then again on the ship, but the disembarkment was ‘sweet’ and easy.

So for now, I’m staying with Angela in her B&B named the Dragonfly, in a neighborhood where the ice cream truck plays Greensleeves, and I am resting deeply.

With Love,
Janet and Max