The Sky is Tilted!

Roses from sky are falling
Piece de resistance
Rally for the Freedom Fry!
and talk independence

Eat propaganda
Feed poison sentiment

Breach internal sabotage
Caustic dependence
Lady with the torch flame crying
Vive la Resistance!

Corporation newsfeed
Eat poison sentiment
Military stocks soar
My heart bleeds

You say you want your freedom
To live divided
Human resistance to unify
But when our buildings crumble
Our cities on fire
Neighbors and strangers unify

Culture war our deep divide
Plaintiff insistence
In my prayers, “God bless the protest”
Vive la Resistance!

You say you want your freedom
Of Corporate religion
Righteous conviction, lives divided
We say we want our freedom
From common convention
Call me a liberal, my heart bleeding

Roses from the sky are falling
Gift of remembrance
Power of our hearts alliance
Piece de resistance