Oh Lookie, Trees!

Look at the trees all drawn in colored crayons
From a photo, recollected
On paper from rarest trees felled and perfumed
The pictures are just fantastic

Crafty design with tails of shiny ribbon
Over chainsaws below
Oh lookie trees lying down like fallen giants
And the children pretend

From where the kite flies the highest, they look like twigs
Oh lookie trees! paper trees! as kites ascending
Float heaven bound
Living upside down

When I get quiet, the force of feeling rises and cultivation quickens
When I’m in silence the feast of spirit spirals and governs the flow
Soft as a deer when standing alone in the forest
Surrendered and forgiving

And like a coin tossed, the tail of an eagle circles
Over bodies that lived beneath him
They’re all lying in fields
Stalking a dream to remember, Stalking a dream to remember
Oh lookie trees! like money, trees falling faster
From heavens above
Living upside down