My Mate

Love tamed
Before we pass through this plane of rope and tie
The chase and bind
Holding the reins
My desires steeled
Raise the crop and cane
I have fought and railed
Why train wild horses?
Why give up my freedom? wait…

Somebody came, his favor
Now I avoid the mistake
My deliberate flight over

Lay me down
Raindrops on clover
Where the Jasmine and Rose is full in bloom
Where the river runs as fast as me

My mate
Underneath this current racing by
Stronger and swifter than mine, his approach
But rooted in the spring’s mud
I vanish
For finding reason not to be here

Where will you likely find me?
On sunny days on dry land
Summertime feels so lazy
I like it like that
For the refuge
Of a cool breeze through willow trees
That blows from the river past
Sweet brier thorns to favor this
Rose entangled

My mate