For You

I saw a man
with a heavy stick
kick his dog and hit him
Chained, no way to run

Broken–laid in blood
Gave him home
In my heavy heart
Snuck one night and took him
Cutting his chains for love

Living my days for you
You follow me then you run ahead
Days at the river
Happiness at the edge
Nothing you won’t dare

You shake your head
I think I see you smile
and I understand why I give
All of my heart away
Live all of my days with you

Walk the way of our elders to
Change to our condition
Wild and restless beasts
Fall from human greed

Pray our souls to remember and
Guide us into peace
Forever in my heart
Living my days for you

Summer driving headed to the west
Along with my co-pilots
Study in happiness
Leaving the past to rest

Sleeping soft you stretch across my bed
Your furry head for my pillow
Giving my heart away
Living my days with you